Friday Focus: Surround Yourself with Winners

We all want to be liked. And respected. Those feelings are earned, not granted. So as we go about our lives we try to live in a way that engender care and respect. Treat people as you want to be treated, is my own blueprint. And while I’m sure I fall short at times, I try to hold onto that mantra–even at those times when I want to treat someone like they deserve to be treated!

We all want to have friends. And as I’ve lived I’ve never appreciated them more than I do now. It is within times of need when you learn whom your true friends are–and who’s not.

Of course, many people mistake acquaintances for friends. In fact, friends is one of the most overused words in our language.

The people you hang with at work may not be your friends.

The people who play ball with may not be your friends.

The people you go to church and worship with may not be your friends.

You may think so, but you wont learn otherwise until, well, you learn: Friends aren’t always your friend.

I’ve had to delete friends. It was painful. But when you discover that someone close to you does not have your back when you are bowed, well, it’s time to go.

Life’s too short to be surrounded by people who take but don’t give, who drain but don’t replenish, who see you fall but refuse to lift you up.

Who talk derogatorily about you when they think no one’s listening, when they think it won’t get back to you.

Those ain’t friends.

Friends are selfless. Friends are uplifting. Friends help you win.

It would be nice to think that we make our own way, that our success is due to our own gifts and grit.

But it ain’t that way. We all need help in order to rise. We all need friends who, sometimes unbeknownst to them, provide a hand, a word, a thought that nudges you in the right direction

Those are the kinds of friends who help you win. Everyone else? Delete!

Challenge yourself!


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