7 Ways to Become (and Remain) a Happy Couple

CoupleMatureYou see them.

On the street. At the mall. In the park. Anywhere.

Happy couples. People who look to the loving each moment they share, even the mundane ones.

Of course looks do not always reflect the truth. But in fact, many of those couple actually are happy.

How do they do it? We’re not talking newlyweds here (say, people who’ve been married fewer than three years) but couples who’ve been together 10, 20, 30 years or more – and who still giggle at each others’ bad jokes.

What’s their secret?

Most couples (happy or not) have insights into how to remain “happy”. But Dr. Randy Kamen, a noted author, psychologist and speaker, believes she knows their secrets, and she revealed them for mindbodygreen.com.

You’ll recognize most of them, even if you’ve not been married. But some of them might surprise you. Here they are:

  1. They trust
  2. They don’t despair about their differences
  3. They are kind
  4. They successfully repair the damage
  5. They schedule fun
  6. They have rituals
  7. They act like good friends

What do you think? Do you agree with all of them, or disagree with some? If you’re married or in a relationship do you and your spouse/partner possess any of these traits or utilize any of these strategies?

No matter your response, you know forging a successful relationship is work, sometimes hard work.

At least now you have the manual.

If you want Dr. Kamen’s entire article, here you go.


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