Can you really Boost your Metabolism? Yes!


If you’re trying to lose weight, or at least stem weight gain, managing your metabolism is key. Particularly as you age. Your metabolism — the rate at which your body processes the foods you eat — decreases by 5% every decade after you turn 40. That may not seem like much, but …it …can …creep upon you. Or your waistline. Your hips.

There are a few simple ways to boost your metabolism, some of which you may be already doing, if your lead a pretty healthy  lifestyle: things like eating several small meals daily, getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep. But i you’re just now embarking on a “healthy life” plan, here are a few tips from the great folks at

Their suggestions:

  • Stand Up. We live in a sedentary world’ at least most of us do. If you work in an office chances are you sit there most, if not all, day. Get up at least once an hour. Take a two-minute walk. Even stand up while working.
  • Turn off your TV. Once you get home from work the easiest thing to do is turn on the TV and plop into your favorite chair or place on the couch and stay there until bed time–i you don;t fall asleep there! Try to do something physical before hitting the couch. A quick workout. A quick walk. A few sit-ups. Anything.
  • Be strategic at the gym. The site suggests trying two kinds of moves – compound and HIT (High-intensity training). Compound moves exercise more than one muscle group, such as squats. High-intensity training involves doing many quick reps to jump-start your heart rate, then taking a short rest before repeating.
  • Get some sleep! Who really gets enough sleep these days? But alas, getting at least 7 hours of sleep regularly can definitely aid your metabolism.
  • Walk…If you can’t take regular walks, take the stairs. Park at the far end of the lot when you go to the mall or store. Walks the hallways at your office.

Follow these steps, along with maintaining healthy eating habits, will no doubt help you set the stage of weight loss!


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