Why you’ll likely be Fatter than your Parents

Father and Son Fishing

Make no mistake, people have been obese since, well, the TV dinner was invented. Okay, longer.

My point is that obesity has only been a “thing” in the last couple of decades. For myriad reasons, we’ve grown pudgier and pudgier and the culprit isn’t merely the super-sizing of our diets, which one would hope might’ve been offset by the fitness boom.

No such luck. We’re slowly growing fatter and fatter every year, to the extent that obesity is no longer a thing, it’s an epidemic that is wreaking havoc on our bodies, wallets and, ultimately our nation. (Think rising health care costs.)

The news, however, is even worse, according to researchers.

You may be exercising three times more than your parents ever did. And you may have cut out all (okay, most) of those friend, fatty foods mom used to put on the table almost every night.

Still, if you’re a millennial or Gen Y’er, you’re likely to end up heavier than your parents unless you exercise even more and eat even less!

Why, well, unfortunately, staving off weight gain as you get older is more complicated than simply burning more calories than you eat, according to the recent study by the York University Faculty of Health.

Says Professor Jennifer Kuk of the School of Kinesiology and Health Science: “That’s similar to saying your investment account balance is simply your deposits subtracting your withdrawals and not accounting for all the other things that affect your balance like stock market fluctuations, bank fees or currency exchange rates.”

The bottom line: Your parents grew up in an age when lifestyle (think: stress) and the environment (think: pollutants, pesticides and preservatives in foods) were much less dicey than they are today.

And unless you eat even better and exercise even more, your waistline will likely pay for it.


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