For Big Arms–Preach!

I see folks doing dumbbell curls every which way, many which diffuse the movement so much the guy waving your plane into the gate will get more exercise.

Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a bit but you get my point: If you want big (or strong and toned, ladies) biceps, you’ve gotta isolate the muscle and work it like a mule.

One of my favorite ways of doing just that is the preacher curl. Seated with your elbows anchored on a pad, the move pretty much takes the rest of your body out of the movement, so that your arms (and mostly just your arms) are working. That makes all your hard work d exactly what you want it to do, rather than cheating by using your back, shoulders and even legs to lift the weight.

You can do either the barbell curl and dumbbell curl on the preacher. Both are effective, though I tend to tilt towards the barbell curl because it forces your arms to hold the position through the movement. With the dumbbell it’s easy to bring in the shoulders and back to cheat a bit. At least I think so.

You don’t actually need the preacher curl bench to do the movement. Get on your knees with a Bosu ball tucked against your chest and beneath your arms to replicate the movement.

Add the preacher to your arm workout at least once a week (just like church!), or twice if you’re really emphasizing your arms.

And who isn’t?!

Challenge yourself!


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