About Fit! Live! Win! Founder Roy S. Johnson

Hi! I’m Roy S. Johnson, former Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Fitness and founder of Fit! Live! Win!. I’m creating the site to be the only workout buddy you’ll ever need, to help you challenge yourself with new workout moves, training regiments and eating strategies from the best trainers and nutritionists in the business. I created it to help you reach your fitness goals and to compete at your best. I created it to motivate you. This blog is just a tease, an appetizer, if you will. The site will launch later this year. Until then, tell me what YOU want to see in an all-in fitness site. If you’re a trainer or nutritionist and you think you’re among the best of the best, let me know. I’d love to work with you in a partnership that could be mutually beneficial. Challenge yourself to be your best self. Be fit, live and win!


12 thoughts on “About Fit! Live! Win! Founder Roy S. Johnson

  1. One of the best parts of Men’s Fitness (or any of the fitness magazines for that matter) was your editorial page and you being honest, reflective, and the sharing of your experiences. Don’t let this website get strictly wrapped up in numbers, routines, and exercise moves. We can find that information anywhere. Keep your personal touch on this and it is bound to be successful. Glad to be reading your words again!

  2. Great job Mr. Johnson. This blog encompasses many of the the tools needed to pursue a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to your official website launch.

  3. Hi Roy,

    My name is Stephen Watt, I am an avid fitness fanatic from Western Australia.

    I am a qualified Personal Trainer and to be honest I wasn’t huge on reading fitness magazines… Until I stumbled across my first copy of Men’s Fitness magazine (US Edition) about 2 years ago. Soon after I subscribed and I looked forward to receiving every issue each month.

    I did look at getting the Men’s Fitness Australian Edition but the was very disappointed. The best way I can describe the comparison between the US and the AUS edition would have to be the Australian edition is like a the teenage girls dolly magazine (fluffy articles about how to pick up and look nice etc) and the US edition is like a women’s Cosmo magazine (more factual articles that educate but still some fluff on the side) no pun intended… I digress

    The one article I looked forward to reading the most was the Editors Letter. You motivated me when I couldn’t be bothered that day at the gym, you helped me look at my job in a different light, and you helped me be the best I could be! and for that I thank you.

    But ever since this new guy (Seth Kelly) has taken over I’m just not feeling it! the genuine emotion and excitement I got from your words are just absent with Seth. I have no doubt that he has what it takes to be a great editor but unfortunately he just doesnt have that X factor you have for motivating. I am seriously considering wether I should unsubscribe or not.

    All I can say is Thank goodness you have Fit!Live!Win! and a twitter account (@roysj)

    If you ever need a Fitness correspondent in Australia, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the below.

    In fitness & Strength,

    Stephen Watt

    Twitter: @stephendwatt
    Email: sdwatt_@hotmail.com

  4. Roy will definitely follow and much respect followed you for awhile and was sad to see you go as Editor at Mens Fitness..will spread the word…

  5. Hi Roy,
    its Jeff Greene, your may remember me as a headhunter, and friend of Garrison, Garrison Jackson. I need your help. By the way Roy, great advise to those who will listen

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