The 10 Best Bicep Moves You’ve Probably Never Tried

RBandMCourtesy of

Who doesn’t want shapely biceps?! Okay everyone doesn’t want huge biceps, but even those who don’t want to be toned.

Most people do basic curls. And more basic curls. And more. They can be effective, but there’s more than one way to build those arms — and the great folks at have come up with 10 of them!

You may have tried some of these, but probably not all. They’re worth mixing into your regimen.

I’ve offered some thumbnails of their moves here, but for full details of each exercise — including how do do each move and why — click here.

Here are the thumbnails:

Resistance Band Curls. Like with the Herculean (below), the constant resistance works your bi’s all the way through the exercise.

No-Feet Rope Climbs: Using legs these are hard, without legs they’re hell. But oh, does it work your biceps.

Towel Negatives: It’s always good to know who you can do without equipment. Try these on the road in your hotel room, too (though you’ll need a roomie).

Zottman curls: The slight twist on the traditional curl powers the muscle beneath the bicep. promoting even more growth.

Herculean curls: Your bi’s never get to rest with this move, which makes it particularly effective

Spider curls: Great for isolating the bicep muscles without cheating.

TRX Bicep curls: Take these to failure for a real burn.

Incline curls: Changing the position of the bench creates dynamic muscle growth.

Half-Kneeling Incline Bicep curls: Great for core and balance.


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