6 Core Kick-Butt moves for Strength and Endurance (that won’t strain your Back)

WORK OUT -- Pictured: Gregg -- Bravo Photo: Vivian ZinkWorking your core can get monotonous. That’s because most of us only know three, maybe for core moves, most of which involve twists and turns that add pressure on your back as well as working your core.

Core work is essential, whether you’re training for competition or real life. A strong core is the essence of your strength for pretty much all sports, whether you’re running, lifting, throwing or whatever. It also matter for every day life – standing, sitting walking, lifting and again, yeah, whatever!

like any other exercise, it’s critical to mix it up, so here are six back-saving core exercises from the great folks at Stack. What’s cool about this moves – and maybe counter-intuitive – is that they’re static. Rather than twisting and turning the moves involve you holding a single position for a period. That strategy strength and builds endurance.

Give them a try!


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