5 Healthy ways to spend your tax refund!

BlenderIf you still pushing to meet tonight’s tax deadline, you may still be in for some good news. Last year, the average refund was just under $3,000 ($2,985 to be exact).
What would you do with the money?
Sure, you could do something boring (invest in a CD, the kind banks sell), smart (pay down credit card debt) or extravagant (cruise anyone?).
Or you could invest in you. Purchase a few things that will help you live healthier, smarter, better. Here are five suggestions:
1) Cross-training shoes (approx: $90-$150) If you’re going to workout regularly you need the right shoes.
2) Blender ($100-$500) Make your own healthy shake at least 3-5 times each week
3) Fitness monitor ($55-$385) Think personal accountability.
4) Home workout equipment ($200) Jump rope, Swiss ball, dumb bells, exercise bands, yoga mat
5) Healthy Foods (the rest) Okay, use $500 to treat yourself. Add the remaining funds to your current food budget to purchase healthier options at grocery store. Soon, you’ll believe any higher prices are worth every cent.


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