Doing Crunches but No Results? Try this!

CrunchBFBy Dr. Phoenyx

Who doesn’t love a nice set of abs?! In fact, if you were to do a Google search you’d probably find a 1,000,001 ab workouts all promising a slim waist and firm, toned tummy. Yes, there are  ton of great ab workouts out there folks, only problem is, none of these ab exercises will get you toned abs and definitely not a six-pack, if you don’t accomplish something very important first. What’s that “something?” Check out my video below to learn exactly how to get abs – the easiest and fastest way. And it doesn’t involve doing a single crunch!

Also, feel free to check out these babies: Body Fat Calipers. I make mention of them in the video, and they’re a very useful tool to have on hand during your journey to sexy abs and overall wellness.



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