Why you should go nuts in ’15

PistachiosWe all snack.  Yep, at some point during the day – almost every day – we reach for something. Maybe something sweet. Or salty. if you’re already health-conscious (or tryin’ to be) you may already be reaching for a handful of nuts. Why? Well, even if you don’t know the details, you know they’ve got to be better than just about every other option out there. Along with fruit, they’re the best (only) options available if you want to satisfy cravings without killing your diet!


For starters, nuts have fewer calories than most smacks, and they’re packed with stuff that’s good for you, such as proteins and anti-oxydants.

But all nuts aren’t same. Most of us love almonds best, then he ever-present peanuts. Health magazine has outlined the best (and worst) nuts for you, and they’re pretty much dead-on. Check out each of the various categories outlined — best nuts for your heart, for men, for your brain, etc., and worst packaging, worst nuts for sweet tooths, etc

Bottom line: Nuts not only taste good but they can also be good for you.


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