Resolved to lose weight in ’15? Avoid these 5 failed strategies!

DonutIf you made one solitary New Year’s resolution it was probably to lose weight in 2015. The problem is most people don’t know where or how to start. When they do, their plan is doomed from the start because they’re armed with misguided strategies and information.

So let’s get you started in the right direction and without misguided ideas of what will work, and what won’t. Dr. Aaron Michelfelder of Loyola University Health System notes five strategies that will have you shedding zero pounds in no time, and he shared them with

I’ll add 3 more:

1) I can eat as much as I want since I’m working out. No, you can’t. The key to weight loss, gym or no gym, is eating smart, and one component of that is portion control. Vigorous workouts should diminish your appetite. If not, then you really didn’t workout.

2) I can do it on my own. Maybe, but I doubt it. Get a workout buddy. Even if it’s not formal, make friends with someone who comes to the gym around the same time as you and keep each other on track. Away from the gym, let someone know you’re trying to lose weight and ask them to stop you when they see you going astray, ie ordering dessert. Accountability will keep you on point, especially when weakness creeps in.

3) Once I lose the weight, I’m good. Well, it depends. If you worked out like a banshee and went on a binge diet to reach your goal, well you’re far from good. In fact, you’ll be back up to your January 1 weight before you’ve had a chance to say, “Seconds please!” Don’t rush to lose the weight. Instead, change your lifestyle and lose the weight naturally. Then maintain the lifestyle to maintain your new weight.

Now, go do this!


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