Why you should try Trail Running

Young woman running in mountains on sunny summer dayIf you’re a runner — whether a novice or veteran marathoner — chances are most of your runs occur on the streets surrounding your neighborhood, or maybe a local track or park. You’ve probably never consider mixing in trail running for various reasons. Maybe you think you’ll more likely get injured on the uneven terrain. Maybe you think your training will suffer because you won’t run as hard. Or maybe you think you’ll get attacked by Bigfoot.

Whatever the reason, you should squash it. Trail running is a great way to mix up your running regimen and even boost your training!

The benefits to trail running are many. The one I like more are:

* Fewer injuries. That’s right. The terrain on most trails is softer than asphalt, which means you’ll less likely suffer from shin splits or other injuries that may occur from running log distances on hard surfaces

* Better workout. Yeah, again.  Running is a great workout, indeed. But navigating the uneven terrain of trails works different muscles and improves your balance.

* Trains your Brain. It’s easy to zone out while running on the streets are a track. Sure, you have to watch out for traffic, pot holes, cracks in the sidewalk and maybe unleashed, unfriendly neighborhood dogs. You’ve gotta stay sharp while running trails, what with rocks, branches, holes and the unlikely Big Foot lurking, which means your mind is staying on point rather than thinking about your dinner plans or the hot shower you’re looking forward to.

So let’s do it!

But first, even if you’re a runner, consider training specifically for trail running before making your first serious trail trek.

The you’ll want the right shoes. Here are some suggestions for the best trail sneakers.

Finally, here are 21 must-know tips you should know before embarking on a trail run.


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