The Reverse Sit-Up: Do it!

ReversesitupIf you workout at all, you probably do situps or crunches. In fact, you may even do a ton of them. Hopefully you do numerous versions of them, to work all the different core muscles  – not just the “show” six-pack muscles.

Perhaps the most neglected muscle is the rectus abdominus, which happens to be the largest abdominal muscle and extends up from your pelvis to your sternum. It helps you flex forward. The reverse crunch is the most effective way to ensure it gets its share of work.

Also, the move taps the transverse abdominus, at the front of your torso. It actually helps you by pushing your lower back against the floor as you lift your hips.

There are numerous ways to do the reverse crunch, with varying degrees of difficulty.

The starter version is simple leg lift. If you need to do so, place your hands or, as the video suggests, a towel, beneath your lower back.

There are a couple of reverses done with a Swiss ball. In one, place the ball between your knees and lift your legs from the floor. The other requires you to tuck the ball behind your legs, squeezing it between your heels and hamstrings, then lifting your legs.

Here’s a cool one with full leg extension using the using a resistance band.

Once you’ve mastered those version, try doing it incline style-first, lying on your back on the bench, reach over your head and hold hold onto the bench, then do a leg lift, both legs at the same time.



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