Want to Enjoy Food More? Eat Less!

Sutton Place HotelSuper-sized may not mean super satisfied.

We’ve all finished meals where we’d eaten so much we could hardly move.Or we just couldn’t resist chowing down that last slice of pizza, or just one more piece of cake or…

And at the end, while we thought: How great was that?!

Or did we?

Researchers at Stanford University recently learned you’ll likely enjoy your food more if you eat less, and if you nibble or eat slowly rather than inhaling your food or drink (think chugging, kids) as if it will turn into dust in 60 seconds.

In fact, they discovered, when you overindulge (think hangover, kids) you’re less likely to east that food again, at least for some time. Same goes for drinks.

So did you really enjoy it?

“People have a tendency to overindulge in foods they enjoy, not realizing the effect. This is the argument for moderation, if we needed one,” says Baba Shiv, the Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business and one of the researchers. “You actually take more pleasure in it.”

In various experiments, participants universally enjoyed the first taste of any food or drink most, with that level of enjoyment diminishing slightly with each bite. Thus the more they ate the less they actually enjoyed the taste, which also meant the more they ate the less likely they enjoyed the food or drink overall and became less likely to want any more anytime soon.

You already know portion control is good for your waistline. Now, it seems, it’s also good for your taste-line.




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