4 Best Strength-Building Exercises for Runners

2We all know the benefits of running – from burning calories and looking fitter to perhaps helping you to even live longer!

If you’re a competitive runner or triathlete, training for a race or simply want to improve your times, your best bet is to augment your runs with strength training. The editors at Competitor.com have made it easy for you by discerning the four best strength-building exercises for runners. They target the right muscles and areas of your body most likely to suffer an injury.

Add these to your workouts:

Body Weight Squats: One of the best aspects of this move is that you can do it in your living room, after your run or anywhere. Here’s how to do them.

Single-leg Deadlifts: You’ll need a dumbell or kettlebell for this one. Watch your form! It’s harder than you think.

Core Training: A strong core is essential to, well, life! You’re probably familiar with many solid core moves, but here’s a comprehensive list, just in case.

Single-leg Squats: Great move. Hard as heck! Will also build strength around your knee and hip joints, offering more stabilization.



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