Coconut Water v. Sports Drinks: Which Wins?!


By Dr. Phoenyx Austin

I love infographics, and I regularly come across health-related infographics that offer great fitness and nutritional advice. So I’ve now decided to start sharing these infographics on my site under the subcategory of Fit Bit, or valuable bits of fitness/nutritional info that I think are perfectly delivered in infographics rather than full-on blog post articles. I’ll also be pinning these infographics to my Pinterest.

Now let’s get to my very first Fit Bit on coconut water.

coconut-water-6f51be99d73fb9aacd1358747aea2de85aa4d2ff-s6-c30Coconut water is often touted as an excellent exercise “recovery drink,” but have you ever wondered how coconut water matches up to the average sports drink? Check out the infographic below, and also be sure to check out my recent post on my Top 4 Coconut Water Picks.


Do you drink coconut water or sports drinks? What are your favorite brands?  ̶  Doc

Dr. Phoenyx Austin is Sports Medicine Physician, Certified Trainer, creator of BeautyElite & BodyElite advanced supplements, and #1 Bestselling Author of And That’s Why You’re Fat and If You Love It, It Will Grow. Dr. Phoenyx’s passion is fitness and her goal is to help others achieve their best bodies. Connect with the Doc on Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and Instagram.


One thought on “Coconut Water v. Sports Drinks: Which Wins?!

  1. O.N.E. for coconut water, but they are wayyyy too costly so I tend to go with whatever cheap brand they sell at the local asian grocery, making sure it’s water NOT juice!!! And good ol’ original Gatorade for sports drinks.

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