Iron Improves Performance in Women: Study

IronIf you workout seriously, you’re probably familiar with supplements. Even if you don’t,  you’re not likely to be totally unaware of them. Many of us take vitamins, at minimum. And fitness enthusiasts likely drink protein shakes or ingest other supplements, probably to aid in muscle recovery.

Well, researchers at the University of Melbourne recently discovered that taking an iron supplement actually helps improve athletic performance in women.

It was found that not only could these women do more (i.e., raise their max performance level) but their bodies also performed more efficiently, meaning that while exercising, their heart rate was lower than previously when doing that same routine.

“This was mainly seen in women who had been iron deficient or anemic at the beginning of the trial and in women who were specifically training, including in elite athletes,” said lead researcher Dr. Sant-Rayn Pasricha from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health.

It was apparently the first time iron had been shown to improve exercise performance in women.

Of course, see your doctor, or a local nutritionist, before adding any supplement to your regular routine.


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