5 Surprising Winter Workout Tips

WinterWorkoutEven workout enthusiasts struggle to get motivated during the winter. Rather than dig around for extra clothes and don all those layers needed for a brisk walk or run (or just to get to the gym), it’s just easier to curl up under a blanket with a cup of coffee.

And yet most of us do get out. We bundle up, grab our gloves, take a deep breath and head out the door. It’s rarely fun, but it’s what we need–even moreso than when the weather’s nice.

So if we’re gonna workout through the winter, might as well do it right. Most fitness experts will give you tips to keep you in the game, but one author, writing in the Huffington Post, has a different view.  Ann Almendrala says winter is a good time to assess your workout goals, get back to basics and look ahead and ensure your workout will help you accomplish your goals for later in the year–like perhaps running a marathon.  Her tips are:

1.  Invest in the right workout apparel. You’ll wear it more than you think, and you’ll be safer and more comfortable.

2. Add “winter” fun to your workouts. Buy some snow shoes, sled, ice skate or cross-country skis!

3. Re-assess Your Fitness Goals. Are you really moving towards something, or just spinning your wheels?

4. Create New Goals. Give yourself a stretch goal for ’14–such as run a marathon, do a triathlon or even to compete in a tough-mudder! Or take up a sport. Put your fitness to good use!

5. Get Back to Basics. Consider any physical weaknesses and add moves to your regiment that strengthen those areas. Might to good to work with a personal trainer for three or four sessions for a second opinion and ideas that might help you build up weaknesses.


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