5 Best (and Satisfying) Winter Snacks

Our desire for snacks does not take the winter off. In fact, as the temperature drops and the snow piles up, the urge to grab a bag of chips (or even a bowl of ice cream) and curl up under a blanket in front of the television can be even greater. That’s why it’s incredibly important to know your best healthy snack options for this time of year. No need to put on a layer of fat to deal with the season’s chill!

Indeed, the season offers us some new options for the palette. Here are five of the best as recommended by the Toronto Examiner:

rootvegetables* Root Veggies. Now before you go, huh?, think about these tasty dishes: sweet potatoes, yams, beets, carrots, etc. They have great nutritional value. And you can even make chips out of some of them, too!

Peanuts* Peanuts. Of course, this is a nonstarter if you’re allergic to them. If not, they’re amazingly filling and they’re known to actually warm up the body, says the Examiner.

boiledeggslg_kalynskitchen*Boiled eggs. Yeah, like root veggies, they take a bit of time to prepare. But one or two boiled eggs–if you’re an egg-eater, naturally–can also be a filling snack. Add in that they’re a good protein source and it’s a win-win.

sesame_seeds* Sesame seeds. Not very hearty of filling but sometimes, snacking is just about filling the urge to eat something. These could hit the spot–and the offer anti-cancer agents.

pumpkinseeds* Pumpkin seeds. If you’re Latin (specifically Mexican, or of Mexican descent), you may already be familiar with those tasty treats. If not, they’re worth a try–especially if you’re a little down; they’re known to be able to brighten your mood.


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