How to Avoid Holiday Overeating!

TurkeyYou’ve worked hard this year to start eating better and you’re even exercising a bit, but now comes the time of year when it could all go down the drain!

The annual late-year holiday season is a time of celebration for most Americans, starting with Thanksgiving (or sooner!) and ending after the start of the new year. In between, the average American will gain three to five pounds, says  dietician Greta Breskin of ShopRite in New Rochelle, NY. Here are her tips to help you avoid losing all the gains you worked so hard for this year.

Among them:

* Don’t skip meals during the day when you are going to a holiday party in the evening

* If baking, share your sweets with others

* Fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter with a starch, and the final quarter with protein

* Alternate alcoholic beverages with low-calorie substitutes at a holiday dinner or party


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