One Fitness Solution for All? (Pt. II)


by Madison Chase, Certified Trainer

There are three million people in the United States, around seven billion people globally. Think about your friends and family and the people you love and adore. Now, think about the people you tolerate and who may not necessarily be your favorites. Now that you have all these people swirling around in your head, think about their different personalities, cultural backgrounds, health histories and activity (sports) backgrounds. Can you name one fitness DVD that might help all of them reach their fitness goals?  I say: No.

But there are foundation fitness habits that must be at the core of anyone’s fitness strategy, no matter their level of conditioning:

1)    Walking. Do it for at least 15 minutes a day, at least 3-4 days a week. This varies with your lifestyle. If you’re a beginner, start small, walking for just 15-minute increments to promote consistency within your wellness journey. If you’re already a fitness enthusiast, challenge yourself by, say, committing to take the stairs at your job at least three days during the workweek.

2)   Basic moves.  You’ll get a simple basic workout with exercise moves like squats (keep your weight in your heels as you lower), alternating reverse lunges, push-ups (wide for chest, narrow for the back of your arms) and jumping jacks or mountain climbers.  Get great with these basic four exercises and stay consistent for 30 days. Click here and watch me do these exercises properly!

3)   Get a motivation partner.  Add a simple, yet effective workout DVD to your library, or enlist the help of an accountability partner to hold you responsible on the days you don’t feel like working out or staying active.


With more than 27 years in Health and Wellness, Madison Chase has studied classical ballet with the prestigious Julliard and prominent School of American Ballet. She’s also a three-time Ms. Fitness ESPN Champion, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and author.  Catch her on…

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