Just Say, Thank You…

Thanks1SomuchSomuchSomuchSo…. That’s what it feels like sometimes as we juggle the various challenges, duties and responsibilities in our lives. Work. Friends. Children. Partners. Work. Projects. Friends. Parents. Work….

No need to go on.

We’ve all either been there, or we’re going to be.

Or we’re in the midst of it right now.

So many things going on, so many things tugging at our time and tolerance that we come to resent them. We dread going to work. We hate to hear the phone ring. We loathe receive texts, even from someone we love because we know they want something.

We become short with our friends and even worse with our families. We short-shrift our co-workers and dismiss new opportunities because we simply can’t do anything else!

Well, here’s something we all should do: Say, thank you.

Every day. Really, three or four times a day.

It doesn’t take much time. And you can be anywhere.

But it does require you to put all those things down for just moment. Maybe close your eyes. Take a deep breath and just say, Thank you.

The challenges and duties and responsibilities and the people in our lives (okay, maybe not all of them…) are all blessings. If you’re healthy, life’s good. If you can pay your bills, life’s good. If you are being showered with opportunities to further your skills or advance your career, life’s good. If you can touch someone else’s life, life’s good.

Yes, it’s a lot. Yes, it’s daunting. Yes, at times it’s dug gum overwhelming.

But, thank you.

You’ll be amazed at how it makes you feel, how it gives you comfort to simple be grateful. How it will energize and strengthen you.

Thank you.

How it will lift you, and remind you that your “burdens” are not so much. Not too much – even when they seem to cloud everything else in your life.

Thank you.

None of it will go away. In fact, it’ll probably be blowing up your phone while you’re saying thank you. But when you thank someone, anyone, they’ll likely give you even more to be thankful for. They’re more likely to do something for you, and probably when you need it most.

Like right now.


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