Avoid the Cracks in your Life

512px-USMC-101118-M-9236J-040When I go running (which is rarely, I confess; angry knees) I like to do so with my head up, looking ahead and enjoying the scenery. Recently, however, I ran on an aging sidewalk and found myself staring at the ground to ensure I didn’t tumble over a crack in the cement.

No matter my pace, I kept my eyes on each crack I confronted, ensuring to my best ability that I lifted my feet and strode high enough to prevent an ugly mishap.

I enjoyed the run, so much so I went longer than I originally planned. (Don’t get it twisted; it was still only a couple of miles!) At times I even almost got lost in the joy of the run and started to raise my head, but each time I caught myself and kept my eyes on the cracks.

Our run through life is littered with cracks, too – some almost imperceptible. It’s easy to overlook them–easy to get so caught up in the euphoria (or the dramady) of life that we stop paying attention. Until we tumble.

If we’re lucky, we catch ourselves before we hit the ground, stumbling only momentarily, and barely lose our stride.

Yet sometimes we  fall forward, face first, or with all our weight landing on our wrists. All because we didn’t watch for the cracks.

Avoidable cracks. Avoidable people.

Avoidable because they never should have been in our lives. Negative people. People looking to trip us up, rather than run alongside with encouragement and support.

You don’t need that kind of training partner. The run is hard enough. Each stride can be fulfilling, or it can send you crashing to the ground.

Enjoy the run, but keep an eye on the cracks in your life and lift yourself above them.


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