Create Your Own Boot Camp

d4c0lfH55MVDCVqWqIfcWazNJ9pA0HFFbOJC3ETLfAUBoot camps are all the rage, and that’s great. With its mix of heart-driving cardio, strength-building moves and weight-training, they’re challenging all-around workouts–though not for the faint of heart.

Many fitness enthusiasts like boot camps because an instructor is pushing them further than they might push themselves.

But if you’re even remotely self-motivated, you can create your own bootcamp – combining a menu of moves and doing them pretty much with little to no rest for, say, 40-45 minutes.

The key is to create a series of exercises that touch your entire body (from legs to core to upper body, including shoulders) and keep your heart-rate high. Here’s our favorite self-made boot camp:

Begin with a 12-15 minute moderate-to-vigorous cardio warmup on either a stationary bicycle or elliptical machine.

Then do three circuits of the following exercises:

* Pushups (15-25, depending on your fitness level)

* Pullups (12 on the first set, then 10 and 8)

* Swiss ball crunches (conventional, with hands at ears, on first set; then alternating elbow across body; then full trunk rotation with an 8-12 lb medicine ball

* Ladder drill (3 times up and back) (For numerous variations, click here)

* Kettle-Bell alternating shoulder presses

* Barbell clean and press, curls and shoulder shrugs while on inverted Bosu (do sets of 15 each, then 12, 10)

* Suicides (on basketball court, sprint from baseline to first free-throw line, then back to baseline; to mid court, then back to baseline; to the far free-throw line, then back to baseline; then to far baseline and back.)

That’s one “round.” After resting for 2 minutes, begin second round. Do three rounds overall.

Challenge yourself!


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