Hate Gyms? Try a Video!

tvworkoutOkay, so you hate gyms. You’re not alone. Despite huge growth in the number of people signing up for gym memberships, many, many more would rather go to the dentist that set foot inside a gym. But that’s no excuse not to workout regularly. The equally booming home exercise video market makes it easy to stay fit at home.

That’s especially great for people who may be embarrassed by their bodies and simply can’t fathom being seen in a gym next to all those  jacked bodies (fyi: those gym-bound bodies are not all jacked).

It also scratches that excuse for those who are simply too plain lazy to go to a gym.

Exercise videos are also beneficial to those closer to (or beyond) middle age, especially Boomers and elders. A recent University of Illinois study that appears in the Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. found “clinically important” improvements in subjects who followed a home-video exercise program for six months in comparison to subjects who followed a video on improving their health. They were all measured on strength, balance and gait, all of which are vital indicators of future health, disability and independence.

“This has important implications for an increasingly elderly population who are at risk for subsequent declines in function and increased disability,” said kinesiology and community health professor Edward McAuley. “We now know that this type of program can help to prevent that decline, and possibly reverse it.”

So which video should you try? Here’s a list of 10 “best” from Fitness magazine, separated by various goals.

But no matter which video you choose, stick with it! That’s the only way you’ll see results.


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