Run/Walk, Don’t Just Walk!

Healthy Natural Looking Young African American Female RunnerA friend recently shared with me an observation she made about a fitness ministry at one of her neighborhood churches: “There are always tons of women outside walking, which is great,” she said. “But they’re just walking! I want to say, ‘Ladies, pick  up the pace a bit, ever if for only a block or two! Get those hearts moving!'”

My friend has the right idea. If you participate in a walking ministry, or simply walk your neighborhood regularly for exercise–wonderful! It’s better to take those stride, than not. Even if it’s on a treadmill during this time of the year.

However, consider it just the first step in your effort to reach your fitness goal. And if you truly want to get there, well, you’re gonna have to pick up the pace!

Think about it, you do it naturally. If you’re late for an appointment or trying to catch the train or bus, you’ll pick up the pace in order to get there quicker. At the office if you’re late for a meeting, or you hear the telephone ring you’ll pick up the pace.

You d it because it saves time, right. Indeed a recent study concluded that people who “picked up the pace” regularly saved more time during their day and had more energy at the end of the day. Well, duh.

Saving time is obvious. It means you’re able to get more done. You’re more efficient. More production.

But mostly, picking up the pace helps you burn more calories, which is one of the keys to achieving any weight-loss goals. (A healthy diet is the other, of course).

You get your heart rate up, which is of course healthy for the ticker. And you break a bit of a sweat, which helps you body rid itself of toxins.

So try it next time you’re either just walking, or walking for your health.

Challenge yourself!


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