The Early (Hungry) Bird Loses More Fat!

AbRollerThere are plenty of people who workout first thing in the morning. I know. I’m one of them, and I see my crazy colleagues every weekday morning at the gym around 6 a.m. Before I go, I have half a piece of fruit – usually an orange or banana – in order to give my body a bit of fuel before I tax it.

It’s not a full-fledged breakfast, and that’s a good thing, says a recent study. In fact, the researchers discovered that those who worked out in the morning on an empty stomach burned 20% more fat than those who worked out after eating breakfast.

Everyone’s body clock is different, and those who exercise later in the day (after breakfast or even a hearty lunch) will certainly reap the benefits. But if you’re on a weight-loss regiment with a hearty goal of losing some of that belly (or elsewhere) fat, then you might want to consider setting the alarm earlier. At least until you’ve reached your goal.

Challenge yourself!


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