Silence Can Heal

MadCoupleCommunicate. Communicate. Communicate. Ask people who’ve been in long-time successful (define that however you wish) relationship to explain the keys to longevity and bliss, and many will cite open, honest and frequent communication. Air it out. Let it go. Talk it through.

I agree. Allowing disputes and disagreements to linger without being addressed is like letting a fresh, open wound to go without treatment. Chances are, it won’t get better. In fact, it’ll probably get worse.

But sometimes – rarely, but sometimes – silence is the best elixir. No words. Quiet.

After all the communication you can muster takes you no closer to a resolution, it may just be best to sit. To be still.

We know that in those moments, God works.

In those moments, He speaks.

And in those moments, He heals.

Sometimes we’re talkin’ and talkin’ and talkin’ so much, neither one of us is really getting anything said. We’re talking but not hearing. Hearing but not listening. Going everywhere but nowhere. And God, He’s just waiting. Waiting patiently for both of us to be silent…May I speak now?

The essence of any resolution lies in Him. No breach. No dispute. No argument. No brokenness. None of it is beyond His repair.

But how can we hear His solution when we’re going on and on and on and….?

Silence. And in that silence seek His voice. Even if you have to strain to hear. Even if you just have to sit, for awhile. And be still.

In time, He will speak. In time, He will resolve. In time He will re-build.

In time, He will heal.



One thought on “Silence Can Heal

  1. Shutting yourself down (quiet time) can be so challenging in our fast paced society. Albeit difficult, resting is essential to hearing and healing. Thanks for the advice.

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