Meat-lovers: Try being Semi-Vegetarian to Prevent Heart Disease

GrilledVegsI’m not an all-or-nothing guy when it comes to eating. My aim is to eat healthy, but I’m not, say a vegan or even a vegetarian. I don’t manage my diet like a science professor. If I see it and want it, in all likelihood I’ll at least have a taste.

All things in moderation is my mantra–coupled with plenty of exercise, lots of water and a positive attitude (at least most of the time).

Just recently, I finished the Daniel Fast, a Bible-based spiritual journey based only eating foods from the earth–those foods Daniel ate while patiently waiting to hear from God. I try to do it once annually. It’s essentially vegetarian, with added restrictions, such as no dairy, processed foods, sugar. I did it for 28 days, and at the end felt great. May have shed a couple of pounds, too.

I’d never become a vegetarian, but I am thinking of going veggie periodically rather than, especially after reading the results of a University of Oxford study published recently saying vegetarians are 32% less likely to die from heart disease than those who eat meat and fish. That’s a significant swing!

The reasons behind the results are pretty clear. Veggies contain nutrients that offer healthy cholesterol and lower your blood pressure.

And this was no small study. more than 45,000 volunteers (34% of whom were vegetarian) were studied between the 1990s and 2009. During that time 1,235 causes of heart disease were detected, along with 169 deaths.

Even when mitigating factors such as Body Mass Index (BMI), exercise, etc were folded into the equation, vegetarians still were 28% percent less likely to get heart disease.

So what to do if you just crave meat? Do try to go all-veggiue, but maybe start with trying to go three days as a vegetarian. Then in a couple of months, try it for a week. A few months later maybe two weeks.

In time, you’ll likely find that while you’ll occasionally crave a taste of meat (especially if someone is eating i on front of you), you generally don;t miss it  – and you don’t have to be hungry.

With all manner of whole grains, nuts, veggies, brown rice, legumes and whole wheat pastas available, there’s plenty to eat.

The tick for me was seeking out creative vegetarian recipes (more here), and at least one vegetarian restaurant.

There ultimate effect may not be as great as it is for pure vegetarians, but it will no doubt help you live longer and better.

Challenge yourself!


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