Gadgets to Help You Lose Big

by Terry Collymore, Fit! Live! Win! Correspondent

Achieving whatever weight-loss goal you’ve set for yourself doesn’t impossible– if you invest in a digital diet tracker.

Most of these high-tech weight watches offer instant feedback (BMI, calories burned, metabolic rate), which helps you chart your progress and gain a better understanding of your how your body works while you’re shedding fat.  It’s like having your very own e-nutritionist/personal trainer, to motivate you to eat healthier, workout out harder, and even sleep better.

Whether you want to drop 5 or 50, add one of these state-of-the-art gadgets to your slenderizing strategy, and watch the pounds disappear:

TA001_lrgTanita BC-558 Segmental Body Composition Monitor A super scale is an absolute must when battling the bulge. This high-tech multi-tasker does so much more than measure poundage. Thanks to sensors in its footpads and retractable hand grips (grab on, while you step on), it calculates body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration level, and even your metabolic age.  The idea is to give you an overall picture of your general health. Impressive, right?  The Tanita BC-558 also has sleek and modern look—offering an aesthetic upgrade to any bathroom.  $300,

Young Asian woman with cell phone and laptopTweet What You Eat (TWYE) The food diary has come a long way since Bridget Jones. This social media offering lets users note food consumed in real time via Twitter. TWYE uses a CrowdCal system, which gives user-generated caloric information on many basic products.  Everything you eat must be tweeted and the TWYE community holds you accountable while dishing out lots of motivational support. Bonus: It’s free.

TGINew Reality Weight Management System If you’re looking for a Zen approach to paring off the pounds, this gizmo will put you in the appropriate chilled-out zone.  The IPod-like TGI (Transformational Guided Imagery, left) device comes pre-loaded with motivational audio—delivered in a soothing tone, of course—and lots of expert nutritional tips. You slip on the specialized sunglasses, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and start imaging a more svelte you. $197,

Fitbit_ultra_gearpatrolFitBit Ultra Some people like to monitor their progress 24-7 (we’re talking to you A-types!).  The FitBit, a flash-drive size device, allows you to be plug into your data non-stop. Set up an online profile, clip it anywhere on your body, and off you go.  When calculating calories, it factors in your basal metabolic rate as well as calories burned during activity to yield a more accurate number. The built-in altimeter tracks steps taken and distance traveled, giving you credit for taking the stairs or running up a hill. Wear Fitbit at night to chart your sleep patterns, which can also affect weight loss. $100,

gruve1Gruve Food modification alone is not enough. You’ve got to move your body if you want to see a shift in your weight. The Gruve motivates you to do just that by measuring your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) throughout the day—think shopping, walking the dog, making your bed. If your activity drops or stops, Gruve flashes, giving you a visual reminder to get in motion. Not moving vigorously enough? The clip-on device will start vibrating and buzzing, which is annoying but effective. $199,


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