Train with a “Better” Partner for More Intensity and Bigger Gains!

couple fitnessWe’re taught at an early age to hang out with the smart kids. Why? I mean the jocks and the cheerleaders are way cooler, mom! Well, because it rubs off. By observing those kids habits–how they act in class, study, manage their times, etc–is like a lesson in success. Same goes in the workplace where aligning yourself with the top salesperson or smartest strategist just might help you get to the corner office.

Well, turns out, that same strategy works in the gym, or with any fitness regimen.  One researcher at Kansas State recently found that athletes who worked out with a teammate whom they believe to be better than they worked out much harder. By a lot–like 200 percent!

It makes sense. You’re not only what you eat, as the cliché goes, but you are who you hang out with.

Why? For one, we tend to immolate the good habits of  those we admire. So if you want to look like that guy or woman with the ridiculous body you see at the gym regularly, you many try to mock their workout, or even ask them about their diet or other parts of their fitness regiment.

The other reason is accountability. Having a partner in your quest for bigger arms, tighter abs, stronger legs, or simply when you’re trying to get fit and stay fit is essential for keeping and staying on track.

Many people will tell you to partner with someone who has the same goals as you do, who traveling the same journey. But according to this new research, it may be more effective it you find a fitness partner who already been where you want to go. They can not only show you the way but warn you of the pot holes and detours you’ll no doubt encounter along the way.

Challenge yourself!


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