Prepare for the Struggle

RunMPathI recently decided to go for a run (well, actually a jog; I wasn’t going fast enough to call it a “run.”) and as I tried to determine which direction  to go, I notice that to my right the path was all uphill and to the left was all downhill.

So there really wasn’t a choice. Either way, I was going to have to run uphill at some juncture. No matter which direction I chose there was going to be a struggle.

Isn’t that life?

No matter the choices we make, no matter the path we choose, we know there’s going to be a struggle. Sometimes the hill are small, sometimes steep.

I took off to the left and began jogging down the hill. It was a new path so I wasn’t sure how far to go, especially knowing my run back would be much different. I could have made it easy and turned around after a few blocks, or I could have run for the fill lengths of time I’d set as my goal  – going halfway no matter how much uphill I’d have on my return.

Many of us then choose to turn around quickly, minimizing the inevitable struggle. Some of us just walk back into the house and forget the jog altogether.

Forget both of those choices.


Run towards your goals, no matter the inevitable struggle.

Finally I turned around and faced the hill, One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Yes, it was painful. Yes, my legs burned. But I just kept my head down and stayed focused.

So much so I unknowingly passed my starting point – and just kept running.

By the time I finished I had exceeded my goal. And I’d conquered the struggle.

I don’t run/jog very often. Bad knees. I survived the run because I regularly workout, as you may know. At least five days a week, I to cardio and resistance training.

It paid off on that hill. It paid off as my legs burned and the hill (the struggle) continued to unfold in front of me.

Prepare for the struggle. Do something every day that will help you reach your goals. Prepare for the hill in front of you.

Then conquer it!


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