Our Fab Five: Hottest New Workout Trends You Should Try!

GSTBodyby Terrie Collymore, Fit! Live! Win! correspondent

Exercise fads come and go quicker than Rihanna changes her hair color. However, these new workouts are destined to become true classics thanks to the rapid results they yield. So the next time you feel like you’re in an exercise rut, consider revamping your routine by adding something fresh to the mix—it may be just the thing to rejuvenate your bod and renew your enthusiasm. Here are a few of the hottest (and most effective) new ways to work up a sweat.

Barre-workout1Barre training:  Don’t think a ballet workout will kick your butt? Wrong. These routines are super challenging because they require you hold positions like pliés and squats for at least a minute, which works those stabilizing muscles that keep you anchored while doing everything from walking to training. You will achieve improved flexibility and posture. Most classes, like Bar Method and Barre3 use a ballet barre as a prop for these isometric moves. Ballet Beautiful—the newest method in the genre— pushes the balletesque boundaries even further. You’ll do several repetitions of mirco-targeted moves on mat. (The bridge series is wicked hard.) Created by prima ballerina Mary Helen Bowers  (she got Natalie Portman on point for Black Swan), Ballet Beautiful is tougher than other barre classes because if forces you  to work against your own body weight over and over and over and over again to achieve and body that is strong and beautiful.

IndooranceIndoorance Interactive Rowing:  If you want to torch more calories than running on a treadmill and sculpt a serious body, crew could be just the thing for you. But this “crew” burns it off indoors. Like the name suggests, this is an indoor rowing experience with a slew of rowing machines and 3-D screens that guide you through the routine (on a virtual river), give feedback, and track your progress. Impact free, Indoorance Interactive Rowing is a total body workout, which targets all the major muscle groups especially the glutes, back, legs, and core muscles. You row at your own pace and the degree of difficulty hinges on what you put into it.

surfsetSurfset Fitness: Catching a wave is one of the best ways to get that long lean surfer physique. The great thing about Surfset is you don’t have to own a board or step foot in the water to hang 10. The class uses an innovative new machine called the RipSurferX, which looks like a surfboard and mimics its movements on the water. With rigorous moves that include paddling and pop-ups, the workout calls for you to do split squats and planks on the RipSurferX’s wobbly surface—all the better to test your balance and improve core strength.

GSTGrace Somatomorphic Technique: Okay, let’s start by calling this combo Pilates/Physical therapy workout by it’s nickname: GST Body. Founded by former dancer Anne Rahe, GST uses spring-loaded resistance equipment in a series of movements designed to target each “system” of the body: spinal, respiratory muscular, skeletal, and fascial. Devotees claim it radically transforms your physique. This is totally possible considering that classes focus on not only strengthening and toning, but also work on your connective tissue to help alleviate chronic pains. A body-balancing diet based on your blood and Ayurvedic types is also include in this program.

Chaise23Chaise 23: You’ll really be sitting pretty after this Pilates-based seated workout. All of the action takes place in a Reinvention Chair, which comes with an overhead bungee system and a resistance pedal. The class starts with an instructor leading you through some light to moderate cardio—there’s jumping jacks and lots of stepping up and down to a kicking soundtrack while you pump the bungee tresses for resistance. The core of the class, however, centers on toning your midsection using the chair and its tension pedal in a series of challenging moves. Exercises like pikes, teasers, and tricep dips become a lot tougher because you’re forced to stabilize. Stronger abs, sculpted arms, a tighter butt, and an overall leaner look is what you can expect when you lounge around Chaise style.


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