Rise, Shine, then Rise Again

Minolta DSCSo have you broken your resolutions yet?! I haven’t. That’s because I didn’t make any. None other than the one I try to follow every day, no matter the time of year–be a better person, a better father, eat better…blah, blah, blah.

Most of the resolutions I’ve heard from friends and colleagues fall just short of scaling Mt. Ranier, barefoot.

I will lose 50 pounds.

I will workout five days a week.

I will run a marathon…no, two!

I will read 10 books!

I don’t discourage anyone from chasing their goals, no matter how extreme. Far from it. Dreaming big is great. If fact, it’s an essential for anyone looking to achieve significant success. And “Challenge yourself” is our mantra, after all.

Yet each dream begins with a small awakening.

Each challenge is confronted, each mountain is climbed with a first step.

Too often people fall short of their goal because they become discouraged by the magnitude of the task.

I’ll never reach the top. It’s too high, so why take the first step? 

Because it’s mandatory. Without it there can be no second step, nor third.

Without the first step you’ll definitely not reach your goal.

It may help to establish achieveable goals, ones that are  somewhat less daunting. Try losing five pounds first, or running a 5k, or reading one book.

Then when you do it, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. Congratulate yourself. Reward yourself.

Then set the next goal, achieve it, then on to the next one.

Soon, you’ll be close to the top of that mountain, and you would gotten there feeling better about yourself because of the victories you attained in getting there.

Challenge yourself!


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