Flab Friday Survival Guide: Let’s Get to ’13!

Forget Black Friday. I called it Flab Friday. It you didn’t wake up feeling as if you ate three turkeys then, well, you really didn’t give thanks. Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is the one day in the year when even fitness enthusiasts have to give in–and maybe give in big. Tofu turkey? Please.  Collard sprouts? Not in my house. I workout fine, sometimes, six days a week, monitor my caloric intake and try to steer clear of too much red meat, sugar and processed food. But on Thanksgiving, I eaten’. Period.

Now, it’s Friday. And collectively, America feels like a ton. What to do? Here’s your tk-step plan for not allowing your Thanksgiving weekend to become six weeks of flab growth.

1) Weight yourself. I’m not a big fan of scales.  It’s too easy to become obsessed with weight, when in truth it fluctuates throughout the day–and can make people crazy when they’re trying to “hit a number.” That said, step on the scales today. And then make a vow. Repeat after me: “On January 1, I will be no heavier than I am today.” Now whether you’re a workout fiend or a couch slug, that gives yu a bit of leeway because, well, you ate three turkeys yesterday and topped it off with sweet potato pie.  Forget dieting between now and 2013 (which is the most dangerous time of the year when it comes to weight gain), and just think about keeping it together for the rest of the year.

2) Break a sweat. As hard as it may be, get off your bloated behind and do something. Go for a light jog or power walk, maybe with friends or neighbors. If you’re a workout regular you don;t have to jump right back into your regimen, but do something. Maybe light cardio. Core work, Stretching. In fact, you just might put your three-turkey body into shock if you try to do too much! So give yourself a bit of a break and just enjoy being back in the gym.

3) Assess the leftovers. Are there any leftovers that taste better than those we devour on Flab Friday? No. And the leftover dessert? OMG!! Okay, breathe. Start thinking “normal” proportions. That means smaller plates and no THIRDS! Dessert? Okay, have a taste. But not as much as you no doubt had yesterday. See, I’m not trying to be Draconian and forbid you from having dessert. I just want you to start thinking moderation again. If you have tons of food left, it might be a good idea to think about donating some to those in need. Everyone thinks of them on Thanksgiving Day. But if they were hungry on Thursday, chances are they’ll be hungry on Saturday Sunday an Monday. You? You’ll still feel like you ate Kansas.

4) Drink water. Drinking water probably hasn’t been a priority the last couple of days. Understandable. Time to get it back up the list. Water helps curbs your appetite, and most importantly, it replenishes body fluids and helps with digestion. Try for at least 25% of your body weight (in ounces, of course) daily. The real goal is 50% but  I know that’s unrealistic today.

5) Keep the plan going! So now you’ve got the blueprint that’ll get you through ’12 and the rest of the holidays. Moderate eating portions. Break a sweat. Drink water. That is your daily challenge–or at least break a sweat four times each week. As for the scale? Step on it no more than once each week–and always use the same scale and try to weight yourself at these same time each week.

I’ll see you on 1/1/13!

Until then…

Challenge yourself!


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