Pam’s Unexpected Post NYC-Marathon Diary

By now you know that Pam Wheeler and thousands of others did not participate in the 2012 NYC Marathon because it was cancelled in the devastating wake of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. Like most of them, she was disappointed. But she’s also grateful. Here is the post-race post she never thought she’d write:

I pray that you are all well and surviving the aftermath of the hurricane.

This is not quite the update I thought I was going to write today, but, as I always say:  “It is, what it is.”

Many of you have asked me how I feel about the marathon being cancelled.  Of course I’m saddened, but whatever angst I may feel pales in comparison to the devastation so many have endured over the past week and unfortunately, may continue to endure.

Despite my disappointment, I am truly grateful for a myriad of things that were born out of this experience:

1)        Together we raised over $5,000 for the Women’s Sports Foundation and will personally be responsible for getting girls and women active; so for that, I’m grateful.

2)         Many of you have told me that my journey has inspired you to run, walk, go to the gym or do whatever works to get you off the couch; so for that, I’m grateful.

3)         As some of you know, [my husband] Charles goes to the gym nearly every day.  About two years ago, Ryan asked me, “Mommy, what gym do you go to?”  Translation: how come you don’t do anything active?  Now, one of her “dress up” outfits includes running pants and a gym bag.  Seeing me run seems to have instilled in her the need to be active; so for that, I’m grateful.

4)         I feel great, got myself in better shape and lost quite a bit of weight (ladies, you know we’d endure just about anything if the end result is the loss of a few pounds);  so for that, I’m grateful.

And rest assured, I will be running in the 2013 NYC Marathon!

So, I can’t complain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, donations and encouragement.  This has been a wonderful experience and I feel blessed that you shared it with me.

See you on the pavement!!!


Please donate to my fundraiser.

Donate to My Fundraiser

Thanks so much. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.


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