Lift Weights: It Does Your Heart+ Good

Many people just beginning to workout shun weight lifting like doing so will transform them into mutants. So do plenty of folks who’ve been working out for ages.

And they do it for myriad reasons. Some say, “Well, I don’t want to get bulky.” Okay, that’s a myth. Many simply ignore weights because they’re afraid of getting hurt. Smart, actually. Some simply think they can achieve their fitness goals without weight-training.

That’s not likely. Resistance training offers many benefits. But here’s one everyone can identify with: it may help you avoid heart disease and diabetes. People who lift weights are less likely to have metabolic syndrome–a collection of risk factors that may lead to the two diseases. Those are the findings of a study by two doctors at the University of Health at Brooks College of North Florida, in Jacksonville.

“Lifting weights may play a role in reducing the prevalence and risk of metabolic syndrome among U.S. adults,” write Peter M. Magyari, PhD, HFS, CSCS, and James R. Churilla, PhD, MPH, MS, RCEP, CSCS, FACSM.

This is especially critical for group of people who don’t regularly lift weights and who suffer disproportionately from heart disease and diabetes: women, older adults, Latinos and people with low incomes.

But ultimately, resistance training can be vital to anyone’s well-being. So ask a trainer for some tips and start lifting!

Challenge yourself!


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