Fit @ 40+ Plyometric Training IS for You!

You don’t have to give up on your ex. That’s your ex-you, of course–the one who used to jump and run on a basketball court or soccer field, who used to play tennis and swim. Sure, aging new challenges. But what would life be without them?

Instead of giving in to life as an ex-fill in the blank, do your best to get back in the game by not only workout regularly and eating well, but also by challenging yourself with exercises designed to add speed and power to your 40+ game.

I’m talking abut plyometric exercised–high-intesity, explosives moves that cause the muscle to stretch before it relaxes, which promotes explosive power and speed.

Typical plyometric moves include simple hops and jumps. The most popular is simply jumping from the floor onto a box then back on the floor again. (Boxes vary in height; find the smallest one to start!) This move strengthens quads, hamstrings, calves and muscles in the feet.

It also trains your body in the art of “landing”–on the balls of your feet (which allows the force of the impact to be spread over the largest area possible) then rolling back to the heels. This can come in handy in myriad “functional” ways as we remain active and try new adventures.

The website BoomerFitnessSolutions offers a short-course on plyometric training, along with tips on how you remain injury free. Beyond insuring that you’ve properly stretched prior to jumping, the key is this: Listen to your body!

Add plyometic training to your regimen and in no time you’ll feel ready to take on your ex


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