Burn More Calories All Day with Just Minutes of Exercise

The top excuse for not working out is time. Far and away, in my view. People say they want to workout and get healthier, but they just don’t have time. Job. Family. Stuff. It all just takes up too much time.

Well, get this. You can actually burn more calories more calories than some of your gym-going friends with just a few minutes of exercise. One catch. We’re talking hard exercise. Heart-pounding exercise. Not that la-di-da type workout so many people do when they’re going so slowly on a stationary bike or elliptical machine that you wonder if they’d burn more calories on their couch!

The key is interval training-periodic all-out sprints, followed by a few minutes rest.

Researchers at Colorado State recently learned you may burn as much as 200 more calories throughout the day with as little as 2.5 minutes of  all-out rigorous exercise. That’s right–2.5 minutes or 150 seconds.

How? By doing 5 all-out sprints with resistance for 30 seconds, following by 2-4 minutes at an easy pace.

Try it on a stationary bicycle–starting with an easy resistance level, then increasing it with each sprint.


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