For Endurance, Go Slow

When you’re trying to get bigger or faster, the tendency is to go harder with your training. More weight. More reps. Push harder. When the goal is endurance, the opposite strategy is best: Go slow. calls is LSD (Long Slow Distance). It’s essentially choosing a longer distance than the race you’re planning on running. Then rather than trying to jam your way through it, take the slow steady approach.

This not only allows your body to get used to the distance, but also gives you the confidence to know you’ll be fine on race day.

There are other endurance-training strategies worth pursing, as well. And outlines those as well.

Endurance training is worth pursuing even if you’re not prepping for a race. Endurance enhancing any functional training and provides true real-life value. Have more stamina helps you train more effectively, and live more effectively, too–at home (especially if you have kids!) and at work.

Go the distance and…

..challenge yourself!




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