Head to the Woods for a Great Workout (and Fresh Air)

Workouts don’t always have to take place in the gym. Nor do you need a lot of fancy home equipment in order to get a good, effective sweat.

Great workouts can be had almost anywhere. In your living room in front of the TV. In the backyard. Or, well, in the woods.

Courtesy of my friends at The Art of Manliness, here’s a great workout for anyone looking to unleash their inner Woodman. All you need are a heavy log, an axe and you.

The Woodsman workout emulates many of the go-to moves you might typically do in the gym, including squats, lunges and shoulder presses. Yet chopping a few chords of wood with the axe gives your arms and shoulders a workout that’s hard to replicate in the gym.

Moreover it’s the kind of functional workout that helps you build strengths, flexibility and balance for kind of activities you do every day–even if you’re not a woodsman!

With Fall in our midst, this is a great way to mix up your workouts–and enjoy nature’s wonders. Get a real sweat, breathe fresh air and marvel at the annual wonder that is the changing of the leaves.

Challenge yourself!



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