Fit @ 40+: Why Weight Training Matters Even More

As we age there’s a tendency to utilize our “number” was reasoning for not doing something than for doing it.

I really shouldn’t [fill in the blank] because at my age ….

And it doesn’t even have to be something as daring or challenging as, say, skydiving or mountain climbing. Some use their age as a reason for not starting a business, not changing jobs (let alone careers) or not working out rigorously–especially when it comes weights.

Indeed, getting older is precisely why you should take up weight training and make it a regular part of your workout regiment.

Why? For one, muscle burn calories faster than fat. As we age our metabolism tends too slow down, so building more muscle can counter the fact that your body just slows down to process of burning calories, which is why we tend to gain weight as we age.

Also, lifting weights also helps counter the deterioration of your bones. In fact, it strengthens them, which helps boost stability and diminishes the chances for injury while, say, stopping oddly off a curb.

If you’ve not lifted weights before, or haven’t done so in awhile, please see your doctor first and consider signing up for a few sessions with a trainer. Making sure your body is ready for weight training, and doing it correctly are essential for success.

The website offers six essential tips for anyone over 40 who’s looking to start weight training. And this blog is replete with weight-trainign technique and tips!

Our advice is start slowly, focus more on reps than lifting heavy weights and stretch at least five minutes afterwards, which aids recovery.

Challenge yourself!


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