You’re Ready for “Hard”

When you go to the gym, or head out for a training run, you don’t go into it thinking: This is going to be easy. You prepare yourself for it to be hard, to be challenging.

The stronger, fitter and faster you get,  you want to challenge yourself even more. You want to test yourself in order  to see just how far you’ve come.

Life is hard, especially for Believers. Not even for Believers. Especially for them.

Many of us question that, we wonder why the challenges are so hard when we’re serving to do what He ask of us–to walk as he would want us to. To believe in Him and to share the Good News with others.

And yet…things happen. Sickness. Job loss. Lost love. Financial hardships.

Just hard.

And then we are asked to move on, to walk in love. And faith.

Being a Christian is a workout. It’s hard. It makes you sweat. Even scream sometimes.

But it’s also exhilarating. And as we walk, we get stronger, fitter in our faith.

God will never ask you to do anything easy. Because that’s not what He’s prepared you for.

He’s prepared you for hard. And He’s the Ultimate trainer.


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