Take a Hike!

By now, just about everyone know walking is great exercise. But many fitness enthusiast poo-poo it, feeling they’ve long since passed the stage where they can derive any real benefit from it.

If that’s you, then follow me. Let’s go hiking!

What’s the difference? Well, think of the difference between jogging and sprinting. Or between workout out and training. I like to think of a hike as taking place on hills and trails, sometimes featuring long steep grades. Not your basic city streets.

Walking is great. Hiking is work! In an hour of rigorous hiking with a backpack, you can burn 300 calories!

Hiking is great, too. Like walking, it builds strong legs and and lower body (but even moreso); and, when done vigorously, it enhances your cardiovascular capabilities.

Additionally, hiking offers the benefit of peace of mind. There are few things better for clearing your mind (and the stresses of everyday life) than taking a long, vigorous hike and embracing the scenery that abounds.

If you live near hills–or better yet, mountains–tackle them! You might have to drive in order to get to the best locale, but the drive will be worth it.

To get started, buy a proper pair of hiking boots and a solid backpack, and head towards the sky.

Be sure you warm up properly, and take plenty of water.

If you’re already in pretty good shape and you workout regularly, hiking is a great “off-day” move-offering physical and mental benefits but offering something different that your run-o-the-mill gym workout.

Challenge yourself!


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