Build Balance and Strength with Bosu!

You probably think you’re in pretty good shape. You work out regularly and gets nods of approval in the gym.

Well, here’s a way to test yourself, and amp up your training: Grab a Bosu ball.

It looks like half of a Swiss ball with a platform on the bottom. It’s extremely versatile. It can be used for cardio, strength training core work and stretching.

It’s particularly good for building lower-body strength while you’re doing your regimen of upper-body exercises, like squats and various arm and shoulder moves.

As a core builder, it’s also invaluable because it forces you to work the full range of muscles in balancing while doing crunches or other moves.

Here’s a range of Bosu moves that will give you a great full-body workout!

For beginners, stand on the ball with the platform on the floor. The balls forces you to try and maintain your balance, which is great for your legs and joints. Stand on it while you do your sets. It also causes you to emphasize your overall form, which is always essential.

Once you get the hang of it, flip the Bosu over and balance yourself on the flat, platform while doing those same moves. Now, that’s a challenge!

The Bosu will also boost your pushups. With the ball down, grab the platform on either side and get into the incline position. In addition to giving you the challenge of an incline pushup, the ball adds the element of balance, which will strengthen additional muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest.

Embrace the Bosu. Challenge yourself!


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