Don’t Accept the Sting

Sticks and stones ….

We’ve all heard it, but even into adulthood we allow words to sting, to hurt. even to break us. Unnecessarily.

People don’t always mean to be hurtful. Oh, sometimes they do. They very much mean to sting, to hurt, to break you. For whatever reason, and often without justification.

But many times, they don’t really mean to hurt. Their biting comment, or stinging admonishment wasn’t really directed at you.

It’s just who they are. It’s their hurt and, well, they’re just sharing.

But don’t accept it. Don’t accept the sting, the hurt.

Don’t even acknowledge it. Allow it to fade into the skies like a passing breeze. Here. Then gone.

Accepting the sting gives it life.

Accepting the hurt makes it viable.

Accepting it is poison. A poison you may carry around all day, and more.

Let it pass and, it’s just gone.

Don’t acknowledge it, don’t accept it and certainly don’t tuck it in your pocket and carry it around like another wallet.

Life will present us with enough real pain. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Hurt-down-to-your-heart pain.

Decide today that there’s no room for any more.

No room for the pain, the insult, the criticism someone else may inflict upon you–purposefully or not.

They’re neither sticks nor stones. There’ll be enough of those.





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