The Bicycle Crunch: Fix Your Form!

If you workout at all, you probably do crunches. Almost everyone who works out wants a tighter gut. Or lose their love handles. Or get a six-pack. And they think crunches will do it for ’em.

Well, crunches alone won’t get you there. (Repeat after me: Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. Diet….) Especially if you’re not doing them correctly, which most people don’t.

As with any gym move, form is paramount. And too many people try to fly through the move like they’re in the final stages of the Tour de France. The squeeze their elbows, pull on their head or neck, or fail to fully extend their legs. All of which means they’re doing little more than flailing. And they’re certainly not working their abs, which is, of course, the main objective.

Courtesy of the Huffington Post, trainer John Romaniello tells (and shows) you how to bicycle crunch properly and gain the move’s maximum benefits.

Once you’ve got it down, add three sets to your next workout, according to your fitness level:

BEGINNING: 10 reps each side (3 sets)

INTERMEDIATE: 15 reps each side (3 sets)

ADVANCED: 25 reps each side (3 sets)

MANIAC: 40 reps each side (3 sets)

Oh yeah, and in between sets, do jumping jacks (1 minute)

Challenge yourself!


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