Gym Move: The Dead-Lift

Some gym moves don’t look like they’re accomplishing much. The dead-lift is one of them, at least in my view. It’s a a simple move, typically done with a barbell, with plates attached to both ends. Then with your knees bent, back straight and head up, you stand up, bring the barbell to mid-thigh.

That’s it.

Unless the person doing it is a power-lifter (or someone trying to impersonate one), it down;t look too taxing. Which to the untrained eye means it doesn’t look particularly effective.

That would be, well, dead wrong.

The dead-lift is one of the one of the most effective moves you can do–no matter your fitness level. (Of course, if you’re a beginning you should start with a trainer to ensure you’re doing it correctly.)

The compound move primarily works your hamstrings and gluteus, two areas we typically select but are critical to strength and performance (if you run, swim or compete in just about anything). It also strengthens the back, which essential for–just about everything. And finally, it helps your forearms and grip, two other areas we often overlook.

The key to the dead-lift is form not weight. Check out the video here to see proper form. Then add the dead-lift to your workout regimen, doing it at least a couple of times a week (three sets of 12-10-8 will do) to augment your training and help build a strong, balanced bod.



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