Olympic Sports That Make You Smarter

Sergei Grits/AP

We all know the physical, especially the cardiovascular, benefits of competing in sports. But what about the impact it has on your brain? Well, some sports may even make you smarter, according to research by the Mayo clinic. Or they may at least help you keep the smarts you have.

Regular exercise may reduce dementia and mild cognitive impairment, according to an article on ScienceDaily.com. But some sports also boost your brain power.

They may not be on your prime-time agenda, but once the Olympics are done you might want to think about trying your hand at ping pong, badminton, canoeing or even fencing. Beyond the need for speed and strength, those sports require laser-like hand-eye coordination and focus–that’s like push-ups for your brain.

You may never reach the medal stand in any of those sports. Okay you will never reach the medal stand in any of those sports, but they’re fun, challenging and offer a great break from your training regimen.

Challenge yourself!



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